Inclusive Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: On Race – One.


On Race – One.


Visit the Shades of Noir (SoN) website: and answer following questions:

  • How could you apply the resources to your own teaching practice?
  • How could you integrate the research/work your students do on this subject into your teaching/professional practice?
  • Can you cite examples?


Drifting. Stopping. Working Through. Asking myself. Relevant and Urgent. Easy – Uneasy. Just normally queer. But these intersections…


I am excited about the Shades of Noir website! In my role as a first year tutor I sent a link that I came across to a student of mine. A home student of colour. Dyslexia. Problems with public speaking and experiencing anxiety. Being bullied. Intersections. Crossroads. They had requested a tutorial with me as they were required to present in front of peers and tutors as part of their assessment. I found the article “Five tips on becoming a more confident speaker” and shared it with them. I hope this practical mindfulness on public speaking will help them – especially because it seems to come from someone who is experiencing the same or similar feelings. Once again – identification with other people is so important. Not to be alone. Not to be alien. Finding allies. I hope they will start to explore from this article further into the site, as it is ever so relevant. For them – as well as everyone else. Shades of Noir is important in discussing relevant topics and issues of social justice that are – or should be – of interest for everyone. It’s great as well that SoN is independent and not by the University for the students, but rather made by students and alumni for everyone.


Coming across Mica Schlosser’s Article “My Shades Experience”, I really could identify with what I was reading. The fear she expresses of choosing the wrong words and being hurtful when discussing matters of diversity I feel more and more often. The more knowledge I gain and thought I spend about my privilege (I have to admit I never considered my privilege – and feel ashamed about it now), the more I hesitate, stumble, feel like an outcast myself. I am making the experience that “privilege is a fluid thing” (Mica Schlosser, My Shades Experience, 2017) and am learning that there are many shades of privilege. As Mica says in her article: “trying to find the ways in which I can be an ally”, is the way forward in my role as a year tutor – and as a person.

Another article I can relate to is “BALD AND ALL” by Phalinda Wakadima. Just as they I shaved my head a few years ago. For me though it was out of curiosity. For Phalinda out of necessity – for her health. What we have in common is the experience of embracing our baldness and the feeling of empowerment. However, whilst Phalinda was anxious about social reaction, I was curious about it. Many of my students of colour regularly turn up with new hair-do’s and I was always asking myself, what it involves. I never asked. Watching women of colour on the bus, I often thought that their hair looks uneasy and wrong in a way. Phalinda’s article answers some of my questions,  baring in mind that the experience for sure varies and is not the same for all women of colour.



I want to encourage students to get involved with Shades of Noir and for sure I will promote and discuss SoN, share their events and work towards empowering students in the course blog that I am working on. Simple things such as Key Terms, which are reoccurring in updated manner in each of SoN’s Zines, help raise awareness and make us think about the language we use and in which ways we need to adjust and learn.




– Always learning –




Accessed: 10. April 2017



My Shades Experience – Mica Schlosser


These below articles I wanted to share make sure I don’t loose them myself. More very important material. The SoN site is incredibly deep and there is always more to discover.

Do I want to be British?

Unmasked Women Panel Discussion on ‘Black British Mental Health’












2 thoughts on “Inclusive Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: On Race – One.

  1. Hi Nora,

    I really enjoyed reading your views on the Shades of Noir website as you’ve input your own personal experience with it. When reading Mica Schlosser’s article on her Shades experience she goes into great detail about Intersectionality. I had never really thought about my ‘privilege’ and how it can mean so many things. It’s definitely work thinking about and how it evolves us as designers and teachers!

    • Hello Jess,

      Thank you for your reply!
      Yes we certainly need to keep checking in with our privileges as they are fluid. And as teachers in the Arts we need to stay flexible and adjust according to the students we are working with.

      I also just came across a really relevant video on the SoN site – Beyond Gender: The Identity of fashion, which is set within an article by Katy, who we met in one of our seminars.
      It kind of closes the circle to where we started out with our blogging and wraps it up and at the same time it is so very relevant only now with all the knowledge we gained over the past months.

      Here is the youtube link for it in hope that it opens up in a nice window once I left you the reply:

      I hope you enjoy the panel discussion as much as I did.
      My best,

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